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Our single-minded commitment to sourcing only Australian made, quality merchandise means that we can provide you with the best gutter protection system produced by Australian industry, whilst helping to support those very same local producers.

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DIY Installation

Barrier Gutter Protection™ can easily be fitted to Tile, Metal and Shingle Roofing. It can be installed by an accomplished home handyperson but for the best result, and to ensure the product guarantee, use our Locator to find an agent near you or phone us on 1300 651 799 - Free Call

Do It Yourself installation.If you are a home handyman and would like to install our gutter protection system yourself, no problems at all.

Simply contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Barrier Gutter Protection was created for ease of application. The affordable design of Barrier Gutter Protection eliminates the need for special tools or brackets and can be installed by homeowners if necessary. The product is also backed by full coverage warranty.

"Barrier Gutter Protection is an ideal solution for homeowners who are looking for an economical way to protect their home with a simple to install product that requires very little maintenance,",. "This product is unique to the market of gutter protection and further enhances our company's commitment to providing customers with variety and selection for every budget."

The construction of Barrier Gutter Protection allows for ease of installation and minimal maintenance. It also resists damage from pests and harsh weather, while small holes keep debris such as leaves, twigs and pine needles from clogging gutters, allowing rainfall to flow freely throughout the system.

Give us a call on 1300 651 799 - Free Call to discuss any options or ideas you may have. Alternativey you can locate your local dealer here.



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